Towaga Among Shadows - Sunny Side Games - 2019

Game Designer

Towaga Among Shadows is an Action-Packed Twin-Stick Arcade game.

Released on Switch / PC / iOS / MacOS.



4 Months





What Went Well

Main tasks

I arrived at the studio when the Apple Arcade contract had been signed, giving more budget to the studio and allowing me to work on the conception/production of a few features until the game's release.

Game Designer : 3C Design, Fast Prototyping, AI Design, Technical Design, Balancing, Wave Design

What Went Wrong

Since we implemented new features during the 4 months before the release, we didn’t have enough time to do in depth playtests on these mechanics. So the iterations on these were mainly done following the feedback from the team.

Miscellaneous : QA, Playtesting

What I learned

I learned a lot from the iteration process. We made sure that we conceptualized a lot of different features to pick the best options possible. Once integrated in the engine we made a lot of back and forth between the Game Design and Programming trades.