Voodoo Hyper Casual Prototypes - 2019

Game Designer | Gameplay Programmer | Producer

Games made in collaboration with Voodoo. Control a car, dodge obstacle and build momentum to break as much walls as possible. 



2 weeks





What Went Well

Main tasks

the first week prototype was pretty ambitious but we managed to prototype it by dividing the code in 2 distinct part : the 3C, gamefeel, core gameplay which I took care of and the procedural generation. 

What Went Wrong

Game Designer : 3C Design, Procedural generation rules, Signs & Feedback, UX Design

During the second week we made a game which revolved around timing, players had to tap on the screen at the right time to gain bonus points. We noticed too late that this dynamic wasn't Hyper Casual at all and that we missed the target.

What I learned

I learned a lot about how to design around the game's target. Everything decision you make should be think through this lens so that you don't lose players with design mistakes. the Hyper Casual genre and the retention/CPI data clearly helped to realize it.

Gameplay Programmer : 3C Programming, UI Programming, Asset integration

Miscellaneous : Animation, Team Management, Task Attribution