Ary and the secret of seasons - Fishing Cactus - 2018

Game Designer | Level Designer

Ary is a 3rd person Zelda-Like game where you manipulate seasons to solve puzzles, fight and discover the world.

Released on PS4 / PC / Switch



4 Months





What Went Well

Main tasks

By "hacking" the LD tools I tried to create interesting gameplay which allowed the team to be more open-minded about the gameplay possibilities. I've also been pro-active concerning the improvement of the communication between Exiin and Fishing Cactus.

Game Designer : Documentation, Feedback Proposals, Fast Prototyping

What Went Wrong

There was almost no documentation so it was hard to get into the project (including the understanding of the tools, the game system, narration). The communication was really hard to create between the different trades.

Level Designer : Documentation, Moodboards, Paper LD, Block-Out

What I learned

I learned that communication must be transparent and the documentation must be easily readable so that everyone could look at it. I also learned a lot in LD (iteration, being faster, having stronger intentions) and created my own workflow out of it.